Kelly Black

5 Steps To Ensure You Buy Only Real Antique Bedroom Furniture


Do you want truly antique furniture for your bedroom? One of the key parts of collecting and enjoying antique furnishings is to learn how to identify true antiques. With so many replicas and often so little provenance, the antique market can be difficult to navigate. To help you find the right items no matter what your period tastes, here are a few key identification tips.  1. Learn to Identify Periods. Antique furniture and decor are differentiated by aligning it with particular 'periods' of time and styles within those periods.

25 August 2020

3 Tips For Restoring Sentimental Hand-Me-Down Furniture Pieces


After getting hand-me-down furniture from someone important to you, you may be curious about what you can do to restore the furniture without potentially damaging it. In order to make sure that the furniture is restored properly, it's important for you to be patient to see exactly what can be done to avoid damage and wear that can affect how the furniture will look over the years. In order for you to properly do a furniture refinishing, consider the following tips to get the very best results.

26 June 2020

3 Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattresses


With many options available when choosing a mattress, it can be difficult to select the right mattress for your needs. Memory foam is a good choice for almost any sleeping preference because the material combines versatility and comfort. Comfort Memory foam is best known for its comfort. The reason these mattresses are comfortable is that they conform to your body shape. Unlike innerspring mattresses, memory foam cradles your body and does not create uncomfortable pressure points, which can cause pain and disrupt your sleep.

28 April 2020

4 Smart Tips For Purchasing The Right Outdoor Furniture


Your patio should be a comfortable place for you to hang out. If you have a nice outdoor patio or deck, get the most out of the space by purchasing outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture will allow you to really take advantage of the outdoor space you have around your home and will help you spend more time outdoors. The following tips can help you as you select your outdoor furniture.

21 January 2020

Keys To Buying A Sectional For Your Living Room


If you are trying to make the most out of your living room, it's important that you look into the furniture that will be the most decorative and productive for you. In this regard, you can't go wrong purchasing a nice sectional couch. By speaking to a few different furniture shops, you'll get access to the best sectionals around, which will create excellent home improvements. Consider these tips and reach out to some furniture retailers that can assist you.

29 November 2019

Tips To Help You Make The Family Dining Room More Family-Friendly


When you spend your time and money finishing a family dining room, you should be able to use it without worrying that the room will become damaged in some way. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you make your family dining room more family-friendly so that you can use it without worrying about what could happen. Furniture Protection                                The dining room table, chairs, and other furnishings were probably the biggest investments in the room, and they'll be more exposed to the potential for damage.

21 October 2019

Tips For Furnishing Your First Home


It's finally happening: you're moving into your first grown-up home! Whether you're renting a studio apartment or buying a house all for yourself, you are now facing the daunting task of furnishing a space that's all your own. This is an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming too. Not only do you have to decide on a design for this space, but you have to find the furniture to fulfill your vision, buy it, and actually move it back to your home.

24 September 2019

Update Your Enclosed Patio With The Right New Furniture


When you have an enclosed patio, you'll have the unique opportunity to furnish it much more thoroughly than you would for an outdoor patio due to the protection that it has from the elements. If you want your enclosed patio to be a space that you can enjoy using throughout the warmer months of the year, it's important that you take your time to see exactly what kinds of updates you can make so that the furniture suits the space and will be easy to care for.

10 July 2019

Three Kinds Of Work Stations And How You Can Buy One Cheaply


Work station is a very general term applied to a number of items used to complete work. In every instance, you can sit or stand at the work station. There are three common types of stations, as well as ways to purchase them cheaply.  A.K.A., the Cubicle In some offices, the typical cubicle is called a work station. It makes sense, since that is where office employees work and station themselves to work.

21 March 2019

Create A Modern Sunroom And Enjoy Outdoor Living All Year Long


Do you love the peace that comes from being surrounded by the elements of nature? Do you enjoy summer evenings spent sitting on the porch but feel sad when the warm weather is over and you have to retreat inside for the winter? You don't have to give up the great outdoors when you design your own modern sunroom to use all year long. Add on or use and enclose an existing structure

12 December 2018