Tips To Help You Make The Family Dining Room More Family-Friendly


When you spend your time and money finishing a family dining room, you should be able to use it without worrying that the room will become damaged in some way. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you make your family dining room more family-friendly so that you can use it without worrying about what could happen.

Furniture Protection                               

The dining room table, chairs, and other furnishings were probably the biggest investments in the room, and they'll be more exposed to the potential for damage. You can protect them.

Table Protection – Real wood tables are beautiful, but they can be damaged fairly easily. A wet glass resting for too long, the prongs of a fork slid across, a hot serving dish placed directly on the surface – all of these events can lead to damage. So, you have a few options, the cheapest being buying a table cloth with a waterproof lining. Another option is to have a sheet of glass cut to the exact size as the tabletop. You can then place the glass on the table to protect it from all potential damage.

Chair Protection – Are your chairs upholstered? Don't worry about drips and spills – you can protect the upholstery, especially on the chairs that the kids will sit in. You can find waterproof chair covers to cover the entire chair, or you can find a cover that will slip over the back and cover just the seat and legs.

Tip: If you're in a jam, you can cover the seat with a few layers of plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will cling to the surface of the chair and make it so any liquids will roll right off of it.

Floor Protection – If the floor in the dining room is carpeted, you'll need to pay close attention to the floor after mealtime is over. To make it easiest on you, you can pick up a cheaper area rug to place under the table and chairs.

Keep a cleaning kit ready for immediate use. This kit should include a spray bottle with a water and white vinegar mixture in it, a roll of paper towels and a plastic bag for trash. As soon as you see the spot, blot it up as much as possible with the paper towels, then spray it with the solution and blot until it disappears.

You shouldn't be scared to share the dining room with your family. Hopefully, these tips will help you protect your space from damage as you create many wonderful family memories around the table.

For more information on protecting your dining room chairs and other furniture, consult a resource in your area.


21 October 2019

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