Three Kinds Of Work Stations And How You Can Buy One Cheaply


Work station is a very general term applied to a number of items used to complete work. In every instance, you can sit or stand at the work station. There are three common types of stations, as well as ways to purchase them cheaply. 

A.K.A., the Cubicle

In some offices, the typical cubicle is called a work station. It makes sense, since that is where office employees work and station themselves to work. There are multiple components used to create this kind of work space, but nearly all of the components end up creating three full walls and one half or three-quarter wall space. You can buy a pre-owned work station of this sort every time a business, company, or call center goes out of business or moves and does not want to take their cubicle components with them. 

A.K.A., the Standing Work Desk

This type of station is a desk that can be lifted or lowered to the height of the person using it. If you want to stand to work, you can lift the desk to a comfortable typing/work height for your hands and arms. If you want to sit to work, you can lower the desk/station to the sitting level position. Buying the store demos of this product is the cheapest way to get these work stations into your office or work space. 

A.K.A., the Industrial Workbench

In industrial assembly plants, there are work stations which are also referred to as workbenches. Each of these stations is a table, a few drawers, an overhead light, and a wall on which to hang and store tools. If this is the type of work station you are looking for, you can purchase used and pre-owned ones from industrial plants that are moving, or from industrial plants that are upgrading their workbenches. There are also industrial site auctions that will sell a lot of these old workbenches for whatever price they bring at the auction.

Other Places to Look for These Used Stations

One way to save is with ordering a preowned workstation. You can try used office furniture stores, office supply stores when they are having closeout sales or they are selling floor models, and even going out of business sales. Business property auctions are a safe bet for finding all of the above, too. Online auctions are another option, except that you might have to pay an exorbitant amount in shipping and handling fees if the components are heavy.


21 March 2019

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