Create A Modern Sunroom And Enjoy Outdoor Living All Year Long


Do you love the peace that comes from being surrounded by the elements of nature? Do you enjoy summer evenings spent sitting on the porch but feel sad when the warm weather is over and you have to retreat inside for the winter? You don't have to give up the great outdoors when you design your own modern sunroom to use all year long.

Add on or use and enclose an existing structure

Creating a sunroom is easier than ever with the availability of add-on sunrooms in a variety of styles to go with your existing home. These structures require minimal construction and are a great way to add more space to your home. Enclosing an existing porch is also an easy way to make a sunroom.

Choose a tough floor

When it comes to flooring for a sunroom, look for material that will last. Durable materials such as ceramic tile, brick, stone, and stained concrete are solid options. Not only are these materials strong, they will hold up well to sun exposure and make it easy to clean up spills.

Use a combination of indoor and outdoor modern and contemporary furniture

Using a combination of indoor and outdoor modern and contemporary furniture is a fun way to keep the feeling of outdoor living intact while providing the comfort of indoor living. The design of modern furniture makes it a perfect fit for a small sunporch, as it is naturally slimmer and less bulky than traditional styles.

Avoid contemporary sofas and chairs with metal arms, as they will get too hot in the sun. Choose fabric sofas and chairs instead. Add outdoor accent tables made of sea grass, wicker, or rattan to make any day of the year feel like summer.

Avoid bold colors when choosing upholstered fabric sofas and chairs. Select white or off-white to avoid the color being bleached by abundant sunshine. Light colors look fresh and summery and will give the sunroom a more open and spacious look.

Decorate it with plants

Plants thrive in sunrooms, making it the perfect place for year-round gardening. Use a combination of hanging baskets, tabletop planters, and large floor containers to grow a variety of plants and to provide a good contrast. Grow your own herb garden or a container of tomatoes to use in cooking. The possibilities are endless.

Fun extras

If you have room, you may want to add a hammock to one end of your sunroom. It will make a great place for an afternoon nap minus the bugs, rain, or outdoor humidity. A fireplace is another great addition and makes a great focal point in a sunroom.

Why give up your love of the great outdoors when you don't have to? Adding a sunroom to your home is a project that won't take a lot of time to complete, which makes it a great project for weekends. It will also increase your home's living space and provide you with hours of outdoor living all year long.


12 December 2018

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