3 Key Tips When Choosing A Desk For Reception Work


If you work as a receptionist, one of the most important pieces of furniture you'll use daily is a desk. There are many great options available today, but to select the right desk with relative ease, use these tips. 

1. Measure Current Workspace 

Before you fall in love with any one particular desk, it's important to assess your current workspace. How much room do you truly have for a work desk? To find this out, you'll need to gather some dimensions of your work area.

Once you have length and width measurements, you'll have a much better idea of what desk size will work perfectly. In addition to measuring where the desk will be going, it's also smart to measure the width of your entry doors. This way, you know how much room you have to worth with as far as getting the desk inside the building. 

2. Assess Desk Materials

In terms of style and function, one of the most important attributes you can assess with a work desk is the material it's made of. If you're looking for a traditional style, you can't go wrong with standard wood. There are so many wood species to select from, each featuring different color tones.

For a more modern look for your office space, you'll want to select a desk made out of glass. It features sleek lines and glass is actually pretty durable. You'll just need to put more effort into keeping it clean. Laminate is another great option because of its versatility in style and affordability. 

3. Look For Impactful Features 

So many developments have been made to work desks, just in the past few years. Now, there are some incredible features you should look for when shopping for this all-important work furniture. For example, desks with LED lights provide a unique type of mood lighting that you could certainly use when working those late hours. 

If you're looking to better your health as a receptionist, you can choose a desk that adjusts in height. You'll thus be able to stand while taking calls and organizing files, which is much better for your overall health long-term. Or, you may want a desk with USB slots equipped underneath -- so you can easily keep all of your devices charged. 

You will spend a lot of time at a desk if you're a receptionist. As a result, it's important to select the right one so that your work isn't hindered in the slightest. This should involve assessing impactful features and specs. Only then can you make the right choice for your career.  

For more information on finding a modern reception desk, contact your local furniture store. 


31 August 2018

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