How To Plan Your Kitchen And Bath Remodel


Whether  the style of your kitchen or bathroom is starting to feel a bit dated or your cabinets are threatening to fall off the walls, remodeling these rooms can be both exciting and daunting. The excitement comes from the fact that this is a great chance to finally have the sort of space you've always wanted. The daunting part comes from the fact that remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is both expensive and complicated. The best way to tackle the coming challenges is to plan ahead.

Decide on What You Want

Before you start taking down anything, think about what you want to replace it with. Think about how you use your kitchen or bathroom. Ask yourself two questions:

  • What would make this room more functional?
  • What would make the style of this room more appealing?

Once you've decided on what you want in your kitchen and how you want it to look, you're ready for the next step.

Set a Budget

Remodeling bathrooms and kitchens can be quite expensive. For many people, budgets can be a limiting factor, especially when you had dreams of going all out. However, when you sit down to budget, guided by the maximum amount you're willing to spend, you can decide on where to save money and where to splurge.

Designing the Kitchen

This is the part where you decide on the layout of the kitchen or bathroom so you'll know what goes where. You can save yourself some plumbing costs by not changing the location of areas or appliances that are served by plumbing lines. Set the work zones and the lighting plans depending on how you work in the kitchen.

Material Selection

A change in material can have a significant effect on your budget, maintenance plans, and installation needs. You'll need to choose the right materials for your floors, countertops, cabinets, vanity, etc. Try to strike a balance between cost, aesthetics, durability and suitability when choosing materials.

Home Accents

A few home accent pieces, such as new chairs for your kitchen island or a new lighting fixture, can actually go a long way. Incorporate these into your budget as much as possible rather than springing for expensive construction upgrades.

Optimize Storage

Storage is a challenging in most modern households. However, there are plenty of space-saving solutions that you can take advantage of in your bathroom and your kitchen, e.g., by creating storage areas within other storage areas.

Bring in the Professionals

Unless you're very handy with tools and have a lot of time on your hands, a kitchen and bath remodel is best left to the experts. Such projects can take weeks or months and will require special tools.


27 February 2018

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