Contemporary Furnishing Ideas For A Teen Bedroom Makeover


Whether your child is approaching the teen years or you want to give your teenager's bedroom a new look, contemporary furniture can give the space a fresh, modern look. Here are a few options to consider when giving your teen's bedroom a makeover.

Drafting Table

A drafting table provides a convenient place for your child to work on homework or on art projects, and it offers a grown-up look in the room. Choose a table with adjustable tilt so it can sit flat for working with a laptop or be placed at an angle for creating art. Pair this table with a tall drafting stool, and add a reading lamp to complete the work area.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets And Cubbies

Your teen probably got rid of his or her toy box years ago, but that doesn't mean that there's no longer a need for storage. Consider installing wall-mounted cabinets and cubbies along one wall for added storage. Choose cube-shaped designs to offer a modern look, and place them above the bed for storing books, DVDS, and other small items. You can also create a unique design on another wall using these cabinets and cubbies, such as a giant triangle. Choose a single color, or let your teen paint each one for a unique look.

Sectional Sofa

Give the bedroom the look and feel of a living room by adding a sectional sofa to one corner of the room. A sectional sofa offers ample seating space for friends visiting your teen, and it can be purchased along with a living room set to complete this area of the room. Look for a set that includes a coffee table and end chair to bring a grownup look to the space, and place an entertainment center against the opposite wall. This can make it easy for your teen to host movie nights or gaming sessions with friends.

Beanbag Chair Cubes

Another seating option to consider is the beanbag chair cube. This modern take on traditional beanbag chairs offers a whimsical look while also giving your teen a cozy place to curl up when studying, playing video games, or watching TV. These chairs come with or without backs, and they are available in a variety of colors. Pair them with a plush area rug for a comfortable seating area on the floor.

Visit your local furniture store, like Chris Furniture Inc, with your teen, and keep these ideas in mind as you shop for new furniture to give the bedroom a fun, modern makeover.


9 January 2018

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