Are You Decorating Your Young Son's Bedroom?


Has your little boy outgrown the kid-size bed he slept in after he graduated from his crib? Maybe you've been planning to decorate his room in a way that's more appropriate for a young boy. If so, from using his favorite toys to decorate to finding a furniture distributor, here are some ideas that might help you to design a room your son will enjoy for many years.

The Right Furniture 

Do your homework before you start shopping. Look for pictures in decorating magazines and borrow ideas from those pictures. Magazines from furniture distributors can be great sources where you can find great furniture for your son's room. Think about furniture that will work for him through his high school years. For example, a set of wooden shelves might be used for your son's favorite books and toys now. Later that same set of wooden shelves might hold sports trophies and reference books.

  • Consider buying bunk beds.
  • By doing so, there will always be an extra bed for sleepovers.
  • Even though your child's clothes might be small now, later on he'll probably need more drawer space.
  • Think of buying a large chest of drawers that will hold his clothes when he's older and larger.

A great addition would be a chest to put at the foot of your son's bed. Now that chest might hold extra bed linens. Later that same chest of drawers might hold memorabilia.

Extra Touches 

It's the extra touches that add personality to a room. For example, if your child loves dinosaurs, use them as the theme for his room. If he has a fascination with trains, use them in the room decoration. And, don't forget to involve your son in the decorating part of setting up his own bedroom. Together, look for fun things to add to his room. Don't forget to look at antique stores and at resale shops where you might find unique items.

  • For example, you might find collectible dinosaur figures to put on his wooden shelf.
  • If he's chosen something like trains for his decor focus, look for old train models.
  • Choose pictures that go with the theme your child has chosen.
  • And, don't forget to include framed pictures of friends and family members.

As a final touch, think about decorating the front of your son's bedroom door. Just putting his name on the door in cute lettering will more than likely delight him.


6 October 2017

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