Tips For Creating Wow Factor In Your Modern Living Room


There's nothing quite so chic as a modern-style living room. Open up any design magazine, and that style is sure to be featured. There are many ways to create mod style in your living room. However, the goal is to give the room real wow factor. Choose modern furniture and accessories that will create an air of sophistication in your living room.

Know the Style Characteristics

There are two underlying tenets of the modern style. Lines should be clean, and there should be some obvious geometry. The aim is to create a sense of minimalism. From this foundation, you can break the style down into different variations, such as contemporary or Art Deco. However, the overall effect should give a sense of restraint.

Choose Geometric Furniture

When you're looking for furniture for your modern living room, keep in mind the above tenets. This isn't the time for overstuffed sofas. Rather, look for ones with crisp lines. Ideally, the rectangles and squares that make up the furniture should be clearly visible. Likewise, to maintain those clean lines, look for furniture with legs, especially narrow, unadorned ones. This serves as a counter to the obvious geometry of the structure, thus creating a light overall look.

Stick with Mod Materials

One of the variations of the mod style is the industrial look. Even if you don't want to emphasize that variation in your living room, stick to modern materials — meaning manufactured — whenever possible. So, you can choose a wooden coffee table, but consider one with a glass top. Likewise, look for metal accent pieces. These manufactured materials naturally display the clean lines and obvious geometry characteristic of the style.

Pick a Bold Palette

Again, the variation of the mod style you choose may dictate your palette. However, bold color schemes give your living room that wow factor. A popular palette uses black and white as the foundation and add pops of bold primary or neon colors. So, imagine choosing a black sofa and topping it with black and white print cushions. You can add color with a yellow lampshade or a red picture frame.

Add Statement Artwork

Speaking of picture frames, another way to give your living room wow factor is with the artwork you choose. Specifically, look for statement pieces. For instance, Better Homes and Gardens describes a modern living room with an oversized painting hung prominently on the wall. Abstract, Pop Art, and line prints also complement modern décor.

Make a bold but sophisticated statement with your modern-style living room.


24 September 2017

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