How To Decorate A New Orleans Style Patio


Do you love entertaining? Perhaps you just enjoy spending time with your family in your back yard? Either way, if you have decided to build a patio and to decorate it with a New Orleans theme, from choosing the floor to contacting a patio furniture repair service, here are some ideas that might help you to design something unique and attractive.

The Floor - Remember to keep the look of your patio floor a bit rustic, like floors you would see in old New Orleans.

  • Consider having flagstone or brick as your flooring—either way, think of having a ground cover growing around the material you have selected.
  • Another idea is to select concrete and to faux paint it to look like an old cobblestone street.
  • Flagstone, brick and concrete are all good choices because they're affordable, will last for a very long time, and are all easy to care for.

The Furniture - Go with antique wrought iron furniture.

  • Just picture a New Orleans patio, and more than likely wrought iron furniture will pop into your head—it's gorgeous!
  • Think of purchasing old wrought iron furniture that has an intricate pattern in the design.
  • If the furniture isn't in great condition, don't stress—commercial patio furniture services from companies like Simon Patio Furniture & Powder Coating, Inc can restore the wrought iron to make it look as good as it did when it was brand new.
  • Think about the color you want the restorers to paint your patio furniture.
    • Black or dark green are traditional colors, but you might want to go with something different.
    • Turquoise would be a great color for your patio furniture.

The Extras - Isn't it often the small things that add flavor to decorating? 

  • Think of adding a wall fountain or a multi-tiered water fountain to your patio.
  • Another idea is to have plants in different sized pots; hanging plants would be great, too.
  • Consider mixing things like hanging ferns with hanging bougainvillea.
  • Statuary would be great in a New Orleans courtyard; if you find something like an old wrought iron angel, the same service that restored your wrought iron furniture might be able to restore the statue.

Shop in places like antique stores where you can find unique items to place with your wrought iron patio furniture. For example, you might find wonderful nesting tables that have tile tops. If the tables aren't in great condition, consider getting the patio furniture restoration service to repair them.


8 September 2017

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