How To Create A Great Bedroom For Your Son


Have you decided that it's time to redecorate your son's room? Perhaps he has outgrown his toddler furniture, or maybe his room has lots of hand-me-downs and your ready to do some shopping for nicer furniture. Here are some ideas on how to create a great bedroom for your son.

Start With A Plan In Mind - Think of your son's personality. Think of how he uses his bedroom. Now combine those two elements and plan his bedroom accordingly.

  • You'll probably want to begin by picking out your son's furniture. Think of choosing furniture styles that will be good through his high school years. Manufacturers like Stickley Furniture and other companies will have so many choices that you might have trouble making your selections.
  • Wooden furniture is a great choice because it is so versatile. Besides a wooden bed think of buying a chest of drawers that is large enough to hold extra linens.
  • Does your son do his studies in his room? If so, think about buying a desk that will hold his computer and will still have enough space for him to have an open book and homework papers.

 Add The Extras That Make His Bedroom Great - This is the part where his personality can really show.

  • Besides his bed, chest of drawers and his desk, think about purchasing a set of wooden shelves that will match that furniture.
  • The wooden shelves will not only be a great place for your son to keep reference books, novels, and magazines, but it will be the perfect place to display things like trophies, framed photographs, and even favorite toys from his childhood. For example, if he has a collection of action figures, they would look great as part of a display on the wooden shelves.
  • Don't forget things like table lamps and floor lamps. There will be handsome wooden ones that will complement the wooden furniture you selected for your son's room.

Unless it's a surprise, think about asking your son to help you with decorative things like his bedspread and sheets. Don't forget to get throw pillows that he will use on his bed. For example, if he loves cars, pick out throw pillows that have race cars or antique cars as part of the design of the pillow. Get him to help you pick out posters or pictures for his bedroom walls, too. For example, if you are doing a western theme, think about hanging pictures of cowboys like John Wayne and Alan Ladd.


7 September 2017

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