4 Ways to Get the Hollywood Glam Style Without Breaking Your Budget


If you've wandered into a furniture store lately, it probably only took you about two seconds to realize that the Hollywood glamor of Molly Golightly's era is back in fashion. Sofas are upholstered in impractical materials like fur and ottomans are dotted with faux jewels and sparkling crystals.

But Hollywood Glam can be expensive—especially when some of the pieces simply aren't designed to be durable for long with heavy use. There's good news, though—you can fold some of the Hollywood Glam trends into your lifestyle fairly inexpensively. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Cover Up the Gray and Beige

Neutral gray is being replaced by burnished platinum and sparkling silvers—sometimes with a little actual glitter mixed into the paint. The traditional "relocation beige" that goes with everything is being replaced by colors more reminiscent of burnished gold or pale copper. You can invoke a little of the Hollywood Glam style by just investing enough to change the color of the background paint in your rooms—which is a lot cheaper than a complete redo.

2. Change the Look of Your Lighting

Nothing can change the look of a room faster than by adding a few lamps with crystals all over them. Think of the extravagant rhinestone tiaras and necklaces worn by the starlets of the era and you know what type of lamp you are seeking. Skip over anything that has an ordinary shade—you want something that has plenty of crystals instead. Furniture stores are coming up with all sorts of lamps—both table and floor-style—that are either directly torn from the Hollywood Glam era or are updated twists on the classics.

3. Add Decorative Items in Jewel Tones

For a few hundred dollars you can add some Hollywood Glam into almost any room by investing in decorative accents that have jewel tones in them. Peacock feathers in a sapphire-blue vase, for example, can highlight a whole room and draw the viewer's focus. Ruby or Chinese red upholstery on your headboard, for example, with a few sparkling sequins to create the tufted look could be combined with rich gold-toned blankets to create a glamorous boudoir-style bedroom that's fit for a star.

4. Add Gold Gilt to Your Furniture

If you can, spring for an elegant coffee table or a pair of end tables that shine like gold around the edges. If you can't afford that right now, see if your local furniture store has a sale room where returned items, floor models, slightly damaged and outdated pieces are sold. You can pick up a piece or two fairly cheaply and transform it into the Hollywood look with the careful application of 24K-gold spray paint. The shine is fabulous and nobody but you and the furniture store salesman will know the difference.

For more ways to add a touch of Hollywood to your home and update your look, check out your local furniture store like Kettle River today.


7 September 2017

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