Labor Day Vs. Black Friday: When To Buy What


While you may see sales on big ticket items such as furniture, cars, and electronics throughout the year, the two biggest sale weekends are usually Labor Day and Black Friday. On either of these two weekends, you will likely be able to get a good deal on what you are looking for, but if you want to save the most money and get the best deals, you should consider what each weekend specializes in and why:

Labor Day 

Labor Day usually involves the end of summer and back to school deals. This makes it an ideal time to get your school and office supplies for the entire year as well as some of your basics for next summer. It is also the best time to get cars as last year's models need to clear out to make room for new releases. However, it is not a great time to buy electronics such as phones, tablets, or computers, as new models will come out between Labor Day and Black Friday and these items will see better sale prices on Black Friday. 

In the home furnishings department, Labor Day will almost always win out over Black Friday. You can expect to get amazing deals on patio furniture, BBQs and pool accessories. Additionally, it is the best time of year to shop for new mattresses. Rugs and home decor such as framed poster prints and sculptures will also have decent sale prices. 

Generally, you should think of Labor Day as the time to buy summer items, furniture, and cars. Anything else, you can leave for Black Friday. 

Black Friday 

Black Friday is known for steep discounts on electronics. Think fun items such as televisions, toys, and computers. However, you can also get great deals on more practical items such as appliances. While there are usually mattress sales, they are not as discounted in November as they are in September. But bedding for your mattress as well as other linen cupboard staples are generally sold at great prices, so you can pick up extra flannel sheets or new towels during Black Friday. 

There may be some furniture sales during Black Friday, but it is always a better idea to do your main furniture shopping during Labor Day weekend to get the best prices on a wide selection of items. 

Knowing what to buy during each of the two major discount weekends of the year will help you plan your yearly budget and get the best deals possible. Check out a website like for more information and assistance. 


6 September 2017

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