Guidelines For Keeping Your Sofa Well-Maintained


Your sofa may be the centerpiece of your living room furniture set. In addition to being one the largest and most eye catching parts of your living room, this piece of furniture will also be subjected to some of the most intense wear and tear due to its frequent use. For homeowners that are uninformed when it concerns caring for sofas, there are some common sources of damage that could greatly reduce the lifespan of the sofa.

Understand The Steps For Preventing Staining

Stains can easily be one of the more commonly encountered forms of damage for your sofa. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that leave their sofas completely unprotected against this damage. A key step in minimizing staining is to apply a fabric sealant to the upholstery of the soda. Additionally, you may want to place a sofa cover over it to help minimize the amount of dirt that will come into contact with the fabric.

Protect The Sofa Against Pet Damage

Your pets may love getting on the soda, but they can inadvertently cause serious damage to it. Their claws can be particularly effective at ripping and tearing the fabric of the upholstery. Another way your pets can damage the sofa will be by leaving behind foul odors that can be difficult to remove, staining the fabric and warping the padding. Thoroughly training your pet to stay off of the sofa can be one of the most effective ways of avoiding this type of damage. However, there are some animals that will be highly resistant to this type of training. Luckily, there are thick pet pads that can be purchased for sofas that face this problem. These pads are thick enough to prevent the animal's claws from damaging the sofa, and they can be easily removed when you have guests visiting or you need to wash the pad. If you are concerned about this pad ruining the appearance of your sofa, they can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors so that you can closely match the pad to your sofa's current aesthetics.

Repair Minor Tears As Soon As They Are Noticed

Eventually, you will likely find that small tears or holes form in your sofa. These holes may not seem like they are a serious issue, but the strain caused by sitting on the sofa can cause the holes to quickly worsen. By keeping an upholstery patching kit available, you will be able to quickly sew the hole closed so that you can keep it from getting worse.


5 September 2017

Taking Care Of My Furniture

When I started paying more and more attention to my home, I realized that there were some serious issues with my furniture. It was worn and unsightly, and I knew that I had to replace things--and then learn how to take care of it. It was a little bit intimidating at first, but the more I practiced, the more I realized that I could handle the job. Before I knew it, I had replaced my couches and purchased the right cleaning supplies, and it was really making a difference. Check out this blog for more information about taking care of furniture.