Have A Large Master Bedroom? Make Use Of The Space With New Furniture


During your house hunt, you may have found an incredible property that you purchased. Sizing may not have been on your list of wants or needs, but you may now live in a rather large home. If you did not have the proper furnishings to fill up this kind of property before you moved in, you will need to go furniture shopping to prevent the house from feeling somewhat empty. It is helpful to do this in batches because of how much furniture you may need to buy and you may start the search with your master bedroom.

Oversized Mirrors

Most bedrooms do not have a mirror on their own. It is possible to add a discreet mirror by attaching one to the back of the door, but you may have more than enough to purchase a large mirror. Getting an oversized mirror makes it possible to look at your outfit when placed alongside your spouses. It is perfect for when you are going out and want to make sure that your outfits look great together. To get the right mirror, you should buy one that is tall and wide enough to see your entire body from head to toe.

Floor Lamp

Another addition that you should consider for your master bedroom is a floor lamp. With a large bedroom, an overhead light may not be enough to provide you with the light that you need in the corners. Also, you may add more functionality to your bedroom due to its size because it gives you the ability to add a small desk to use with a laptop or a vanity to help with getting ready in the morning. It is possible to use the floor lamp to gain light, but also to achieve a certain style whether it is modern, classic, or something else.

Wide Storage

When you are working with a small bedroom, you almost have to go vertical with furniture to get enough storage. For instance, you may use a dresser that is five or six feet tall and a bed that is lifted to have storage underneath. A dresser of this height is ideal for decorating because of its height, but not so great for functionality due to being close to eye level. Living in a home with a large bedroom allows you to go wide with ease. A wide dresser has benefits because it turns the surface at the top into a functional space.

Shopping for bedroom furniture, such as at AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses, with these things in mind will help you fill out the space nicely.


4 September 2017

Taking Care Of My Furniture

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